About BlueCargo

We envision a world where everyone at local transportation and logistics companies have the digital tools, data, and services they need to better serve global trade.

Industry Partners

“BlueCargo has been a great partner for our organization and members in helping to deliver important operational information and assisting in building a better connected and more prepared industry.”

Weston LaBar, CEO - Harbor Trucking Association

Meet the founders

Alexandra Griffon - CEO | Co-founder

Alexandra started her career in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. She graduated from ESSEC Business School and UC Berkeley where she met her cofounder, Laura, and started working together on yard stacking algorithms at various terminal operators’ systems in the United States and Europe. They discovered back then the painful lesson that everyone learned after Covid disruptions: ports are where all supply chains converge (around 90% of traded goods are carried over the waves), but they are also the biggest black box and bottleneck, resulting in safety stocks, frozen capital and billion dollars lost on inefficiencies, detention and demurrage fees. Alexandra launched BlueCargo to unstuck containers at the Port and shed light on the Port terminal’s black box. BlueCargo graduated from the prestigious Silicon-Valley based accelerator Y Combinator, that previously backed Flexport, Convoy and Shipamax, in the logistics space. In 3 years, Alexandra significantly grew her team, from a two-people start-up to a team of more than 35 people, and operations in all the country’s major ports.

Laura Theveniau - Data & Product | Co-founder

Laura graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and UC Berkeley - majoring in computer science and machine learning. After two years in the advertising industry as a data scientist, she met Alexandra and decided to use her technical and analytical skillset on something impactful. Laura launched BlueCargo to empower transportation and logistics businesses of any size with the digital tools, data, and services they need to better serve global trade. BlueCargo aggregates hundreds of different sources of information and runs its algorithms to showcase only the most reliable data points. Operators at drayage and logistics companies, brokers, freight forwarders and shippers are, for the first time, empowered to adapt and make data informed decisions, such as rerouting their cargo in real time based on partner and location capacity. Under Laura's technical leadership, the company has already tracked millions of containers solved for hundreds of use cases and edge cases, making its recommendations more powerful every single day.

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