About Roadex

Founded in 2001 in California, RoadEx embarked on its journey fueled by a singular bobtail and a team deeply committed to exceeding customer expectations. The company's core values, rooted in reliability, dependability, and an unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction, formed the bedrock of its operations.

RoadEx, drawing from a diverse background spanning international supply chain, logistics solutions, warehouse and distributions, and former finance and accounting firms, encountered and conquered challenges intrinsic to traditional logistics practices. Driven by a relentless pursuit of operational excellence, the company aspired for transformation, seeking ways to redefine its path forward.

Amidst this pursuit for innovation, a significant turning point emerged—the strategic partnership with BlueCargo. This collaboration marked a pivotal milestone in RoadEx's trajectory, symbolizing a shift towards groundbreaking advancements within the transportation industry.

The integration of BlueCargo heralded a new era for RoadEx, catalyzing a profound transformation in its operational landscape. This partnership not only optimized efficiency but also solidified RoadEx's position as an innovative and dependable force in logistics.

Operational Revolution

Before BlueCargo, RoadEx operated within a traditional framework, encountering hurdles when addressing customer inquiries regarding unreturned empties. This process involved manual terminal website checks, necessitating screenshots on a per-container basis, lacking historical data.

BlueCargo's platform offered visibility in one place—this changed the game for our team.
Lisa Wan - EVP of Operations

The adoption of BlueCargo revolutionized operations, providing a unified platform offering visibility into empty restrictions and appointments across terminals. This streamlined approach saved time for the dispatchers and operations team, enabling proactive management of empties and facilitating informed decision-making.

Elevated Customer Service

It's an advantage for us, showcasing our reliability and reducing labor hours significantly.
Lisa Wan - EVP of Operations

Armed with BlueCargo's comprehensive data and screenshots, our Customer Service team gained unprecedented capability to elucidate the intricacies behind delayed empty container returns. Utilizing this platform, they could showcase specific instances where terminals faced restrictions or were unable to accept empties, including detailed insights into constraints such as dual transactions.

With each interaction, our Customer Service representatives leveraged BlueCargo's detailed information, providing concrete evidence to clients regarding the logistical challenges faced on specific dates. This enhanced transparency and credibility as customers witnessed firsthand the constraints that RoadEx navigated in real time.

Moreover, the increasing recognition among our customers, particularly BCOs, regarding RoadEx's adept utilization of BlueCargo further bolstered our credibility. As a trucking company integrated with BlueCargo, we gained a competitive edge, as shippers sought carriers equipped with comprehensive access to such vital logistics information. This recognition not only elevated our status but also significantly reduced labor hours, streamlining our customer service processes for prompt and accurate issue resolution.

Accounting Transformation

Before BlueCargo, ensuring invoice accuracy was time-consuming. Now, with BlueCargo, the invoice audit takes seconds.
Marlene Hernandez - Sr. Accounting Manager

The implementation of BlueCargo significantly transformed RoadEx’s accounting procedures, particularly in handling invoices, mitigating disputes, and providing comprehensive support to their clients.

Previous Challenges

"Before BlueCargo, finding invoice accuracy was a painstaking process. We manually updated sheets for each container and per diem, verifying tiers, ocean carrier bills, availabilities, and appointment details. This was time-consuming, often taking 20 minutes for a single invoice audit. With 50 to 100 invoices weekly, it became overwhelming. We've even missed opportunities to dispute charges for our clients due to this inefficiency."

Streamlined Invoice Processing

"Now, with BlueCargo, it's much easier to identify disputable invoices. We upload them, and instantly, it flags potential issues, streamlining our process. We've dedicated a person to manage per diem invoices, providing meticulous attention to dispute handling. BlueCargo’s efficiency has transformed the auditing process, saving considerable time and effort."

Improved Backup and Customer Support

"Furthermore, BlueCargo simplifies providing backup to support disputed invoices. Previously reliant on dispatchers’ emails and sporadic screenshots, now, sending proof to steamship lines with precise data by dates is seamless. This not only expedites the dispute process but also instills confidence in our customers, assuring them of our commitment to mitigating fees."

Value Addition and Trust Building

RoadEx’s utilization of BlueCargo has significantly enhanced its value proposition, fostering stronger relationships with customers and reinforcing its reputation as a dependable logistics partner.

Using BlueCargo brings added value to our services, from cost and time savings to enhanced accuracy and efficiency
Lisa Wan - EVP of Operations & Marlene Hernandez - Sr. Accounting Manager

Building Trust and Loyalty

"Our customer base reflects the trust and loyalty we've fostered over the years. Many have entrusted their shipments to us for extended periods—6, 7, or even 10 years. This longevity in our partnerships has been cultivated through our commitment to diligence, especially evident in our utilization of BlueCargo."

Differential Advantage

"Our clients understand the added value we offer through BlueCargo. They recognize that without a platform like this, they might end up facing substantial portions of the per diem bill if serviced by another trucker. This realization has further strengthened their reliance on us and our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions."

Comprehensive Value Addition

"Integrating BlueCargo into our operations doesn’t just amplify our services but also significantly benefits our teams. It not only saves costs and time but also ensures heightened data accuracy, streamlined documentation, and overall operational efficiency. This value addition extends beyond our customers, enriching our internal processes and team performances."

In essence, the strategic integration of BlueCargo has not only amplified RoadEx’s services but has also solidified its position as a trusted and reliable logistics partner, ensuring mutual growth and success for both the company and its customers.

Overall Impact

The BlueCargo integration transformed RoadEx into a resilient and efficient logistics ally.

Whether contending with port congestion during COVID-19 or coping with vessel volume fluctuations and appointment shortages, RoadEx emerged as a loyal and committed transportation ally.

This adaptability underscores RoadEx's strategic vision, aided by BlueCargo's tools, positioning the company as an agile, reliable partner. Their capacity to navigate adversity cements RoadEx's status as a resilient force in the logistics sphere, unwavering even in turbulent market conditions. RoadEx using BlueCargo was able to successfully dispute over 60% of total per diem invoices average at over $100K annually, and pass on these "savings" to customers even in a soft market downturn.


- Lisa Wan, EVP of Operations;
- Marlene Hernandez, Sr. Accounting Manager

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