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🌐 Navigating 2024's Supply Chains Transformative Trends 🌐

AJOT highlights the top ten trends anticipated to shape the landscape of supply chain management in 2024. Ralf Duester, a board member at Setlog, a SCM software specialist, draws insights from industry experts, research, and data from Setlog's customers, including major brands like Tom Tailor and Jack Wolfskin, to identify these trends. Among these 10 top trends for next year are: Building Resilience: Prioritizing resilience alongside cost reduction; Transparency: Essential for resilient and diversified supply chains, facilitating quick responses to disruptions by leveraging modern IT tools and collaborative platforms; Supply Chain as a Service: A shift towards outsourcing parts of the supply chain to specialized service providers due to the complexities of digital supply chains and new technologies, and Open-Source Software: Adoption of open-source software in supply chain management, leading to efficiency gains.

Source: AJOT


πŸš‚ Congress Aims to Resolve Rail Container Fees Oversight πŸ›οΈπŸ”

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File

Congress is considering legislation to determine whether the FMC or STB should oversee rail fees for ocean containers, seeking clarity over intermodal freight jurisdiction. Rep. John Garamendi aims to prompt a memorandum of understanding between the agencies, addressing the lack of clarity that's led to disputes over demurrage fees. The proposed bill would also mandate ocean carriers to handle rail demurrage billing, aiming to resolve long-standing disputes over responsibility.

Source: JOC


β°πŸ’°Shippers Dedicated Webinar: Maximize Per Diem Refunds Before 2023 Ends!

Design, Pierre Pariente @BlueCargo

ACT FAST! Learn about OSRA 2022 changes, federal regulations, and invoice audits in BlueCargo's online event.
December 6th, 2023 at 10 AM PST | 1 PM EST.
Discover expert strategies to mitigate fees and optimize your working capital. Don't miss the chance for a FREE invoice analysis and boost your refunds before 2023 wraps up!
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πŸš’πŸ“¦ ONE Breaks Container Loading Record on ULCV! πŸŒŠπŸ”


Ocean Network Express (ONE) achieves a record-breaking container load of 21,954 TEUs aboard the ONE Integrity, marking a milestone in ULCV (Ultra Large Container Vessels) development. The vessel, operating on the F3 route, departed Singapore and is due in Rotterdam, showcasing ONE's efficiency amidst industry volume declines. Despite industry standards using TEUs, this accomplishment highlights ONE's capacity, emphasizing collaboration for efficient cargo transport and reduced CO2 emissions. The ULCVs, including the ONE Innovation, showcase innovative design features for fuel efficiency and enhanced cargo handling capabilities.

Source: The Maritime Executive


πŸššπŸ’‘ Biden Administration Unveils Logistics Plan πŸ“ˆπŸ“¦

The Biden administration reveals a comprehensive plan to fortify the U.S. supply chain through diverse partnerships. Initiatives include enhancing drug supply chain resilience, boosting domestic medicine manufacturing, and expanding digital information sharing via FLOW. The Multimodal Freight Office and Supply Chain Resilience Center aim to optimize freight networks, analyze vulnerabilities, and foster private-public collaborations to ensure efficient goods delivery. With a focus on data-driven decisions, the administration seeks to address inflation and improve supply chain resilience in various sectors.

Source: Freight Waves


β˜•οΈ What is Brewing at BlueCargo?

December 5th 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET - SHIPPERS: Mark your Calendars

BlueCargo is set to host an online educational event on December 5th, targeting shippers, importers, and BCOs. The focus will be on understanding OSRA 2022 changes to mitigate D&D fees and Federal Code of Regulations for reclaiming overcharged fees before the year-end. Alexandra Griffon, CEO of BlueCargo, will emphasize maximizing Working Capital for importers. Additionally, a guest speaker will share success stories in recouping money, while, Colin Colbourn, Product Manager, will offer an exclusive tour of BlueCargo's new service for mitigating D&D fees.

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Later in December

πŸŽ„Later in December, BlueCargo will reveal the top 20 companies excelling on the platform. We understand that visibility in shipments is crucial. Having end-to-end visibility and, an effective mitigation method on top, fosters a smoother supply chain, reducing uncertainties and enabling early disruption resolution. Being featured on this list is beneficial, indicating a company's commitment to prioritizing tracking, auditing, and embracing cost-saving measures, which resonates with both shippers and logistics service providers.



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