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Are you ready to navigate the final FMC ruling?

As your partner, we know that the final FMC rule presents a big shift in the port supply chain.

Starting May 28, 2024…

Consignees will receive invoices directly:

- Consignees are liable for all detention and demurrage charges.

30 days to issue and dispute invoices:

- Charges are considered invalid and not required to be paid if the invoice is sent later than 30 days.

- Billed parties have a maximum of 30 calendar days from the invoice issuance date to request mitigation, refund, or waiver of fees from the billing party.

Invoices should include all OSRA data points to be valid:

- The points include BOL, container numbers, port of discharge, invoice date, due date, and free time (start and end dates).

...let BlueCargo help you!

Only pay for what’s fair:

- 95% of disputes are won when backed by BlueCargo evidence.

Automate your invoice processing. BlueCargo validates and processes invoices in under 2 minutes against:

- OSRA invoice requirements

- Contracts terms

- Port restrictions and market conditions

Improve operational efficiency. Leverage aggregated data on your detention and demurrage invoices to:

- Forecast potential issues and proactively mitigate detention and demurrage charges

- Analyze historical data to identify trends and address root causes for charges

GE Appliances saved 85% of their per diem fees with BlueCargo

“Last year, GE Appliances had $1.9 million in D&D invoices. Thanks to BlueCargo, we only paid $300,000.”

Jordan Glastein | Senior Manager, Ocean Logistics and Strategy | GE Appliances