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BlueCargo: Setting the Standard for Security

Understanding security in our daily lives, such as at our homes or physical sites, is straightforward. In the logistics sector, this concept expands to include safeguarding warehouses, preventing container theft, and securing yards.

However, what does security mean for a software application?
What does it aim to safeguard, and why is this increasingly significant today?

Software solutions like BlueCargo handle vast amounts of data from various sources, including internal generation, external contributors, and our users. This data is pivotal to our product's success, and our customers rely heavily on it. This wealth of information, coupled with the trust our customers place in us, necessitates rigorous protection.

At BlueCargo, the engineering team prioritizes the security of this data, ensuring we adhere to the best practices in the industry.

But how can our customers be assured of our commitment to these standards?

This assurance comes in the form of compliance with software security standards, such as SOC2 (Types 1 and 2). Adhering to these standards involves a commitment to specific data handling conventions and stringent requirements for employee background checks, computing standards, and two-factor authentication.

It also means maintaining high standards for our infrastructure, including robust logging and protection mechanisms.

Essentially, this compliance equates to fortifying our 'house' with advanced security measures.

For our customers, this means a deep commitment to the security and protection of your data. We promise to choose the most secure, albeit sometimes longer, path to complete tasks.

Our goal is to allow you to focus on your priorities, confident that BlueCargo is a reliable and worry-free part of your solutions.

💪 💪 💪

A heartfelt thanks goes to our engineering team, Vanta, and Insights Insurance. Vanta's product excellently supports adherence to SOC2 requirements, and Insights Insurance greatly simplified the audit process. 🙏

At BlueCargo, our commitment to serving our customers is unwavering, and achieving SOC2 Type 2 Compliance is a significant stride in fulfilling this promise.

By Akash Deshpande
Head of Engineering
Published on 2/20/24


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