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Guess what? We're back at it again! Terminals closures and disruptions on the West Coast are impacting the East Coast again! So, brace yourselves because things are about to get complicated and challenging. 😬

What does it mean in terms of container movements?
Well… It gets complicated and hard.

Joke aside, let’s look at:

The Impact on Container Movements:

In the recent Bi-State meeting, CEO Lisa Yakomin shed light on the ongoing labor issues on the West Coast that are now affecting freight diversion to East Coast ports. She provided turn-time reports for various terminals, while Frank Capo from APM updated the members on potential closures due to COVID-19 concerns. 🤝💼

The West Coast Woes:

Oh boy, the West Coast ports are facing a host of challenges! Labor slowdowns have caused disruptions, resulting in vessel delays, longer wait times at anchorage, and overall congestion. 🚢⏰ This chaos is significantly impacting container deliveries and empty returns. It feels like déjà vu from the troubles experienced during the Covid pandemic, and it's anticipated that the entire supply chain will be affected by this ripple effect of idle imports and exports.

The FMC Rule and Shippers:

Wait, there's more! The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has implemented new rules on detention, demurrage, and per diem, and shippers are directly in the crosshairs. While these rules aim to improve visibility for shippers by requiring ocean carriers to provide necessary information directly to the invoiced party, their main purpose is to limit billing to contracted parties only (shippers). Get ready for some serious bill shock in the coming months! 💰😱

The Rising Bills and Challenges:

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we're about to witness some jaw-dropping bills! 🎩😮Containers stuck at the ports before pick-up or empty ones stranded in yards awaiting appointments will lead to skyrocketing invoices. Brace yourself for "3-4-5-6-digit-bills” becoming the new norm. As a shipper (BCO), it's crucial to diligently audit your D&D invoices, pinpoint unjust charges, gather compliant documentation, and use it to your advantage in mitigating these fees. And if you're a trucking company, drayage carrier, 3PL, or Freight Forwarder, you'll need to prove clean hands when it comes to delays in container pick-up or return. 📝🧐

BlueCargo, Your Solid Partner:

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