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No Strike on the Horizon: East Coast Dock Talks Progressing

East Coast ports breathe a sigh of relief as the ILA and USMX inch closer to a new contract. Local negotiations are nearing completion, paving the way for coastwide talks and avoiding a potential strike before September.

Both sides aim to mirror previous successful negotiations to ensure smooth cargo flow.

Source: JOC

Billing Clarified for Drayage Providers

The FMC has cleared things up for drayage providers with the final OSRA rule coming up in less than 2 weeks.
They can only be billed for detention and demurrage by ocean carriers if the move isn't part of a "through bill of lading."

This means the FMC's rules focus on ocean transportation contracts, not separate drayage agreements.

Source: JOC

Summer Shopping Spree Boosts Imports

U.S. imports are expected to surge this summer as consumers keep spending, and retailers stock up for the season. The National Retail Federation forecasts strong cargo volumes exceeding 2 million TEUs monthly from May to September.

This is a positive sign for the shipping industry despite global economic uncertainties.

Source: The Maritime Executive

Baltimore Bridge to be Demolished for Clearance

Crews are ready to use controlled explosions to break apart the collapsed bridge on the freighter Dali this Monday. This will allow for the removal of the debris and the full reopening of the Baltimore Port by the end of May.

The bridge collapse in March tragically claimed the lives of six construction workers.

Source: GCaptain

Shippers’ Bitter Brew: Ocean Carrier Cocktail Returns

The dreaded "ocean carrier cocktail" is back, a potent mix of canceled sailings and frequent rate increases.

This is driving up spot rates and making it harder to secure cargo space.

While not as severe as in past years, experts warn shippers to brace for higher costs and limited options. Buckle up - might be a bumpy ride!

Source: FreightWaves

10,000 miles away, Reese's Goes for Gold (and New Stars)

For the Paris Olympics, Reese's is launching a "Legend vs. Newcomer" campaign. It features established athletes like Alex Morgan and Jessica Long alongside rising stars like Sophia Smith and Haven Shepherd.

This strategy reflects the excitement of both established champions and the potential of future stars. The limited-edition Reese's medals aim to capitalize on Olympic buzz while promoting a new product.

It's a sweet play for Reese's to stay relevant during a major cultural moment.

Source: Morning Brew

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13 DAYS LEFT till OSRA 2024

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