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Colin Colbourn, Product Manager at BlueCargo

Container Visibility with A Purpose: Beyond 'Where' to 'Why’

From Colin Colbourn's Desk

In an era where merely knowing your cargo's location is not enough, BlueCargo is redefining container visibility. We move beyond the conventional 'where' to address the critical 'why' of the container's journey. This holistic approach not only highlights the route the cargo takes but also uncovers the underlying factors and hidden fees affecting its journey.

Comprehensive Visibility and Invoicing Validation:

BlueCargo’s System of Record surpasses basic location tracking by offering deep insights into the condition of the container and the events affecting its journey, all while automatically compiling evidence to mitigate fees in real-time or post-invoice. Our unique approach is the only solution crafted from the ground up to weave a comprehensive narrative of the container's journey. Thus, revealing the 'why' behind any delays and accessorial charges, backed by solid evidence. This fusion of visibility and invoice validation eliminates the need for the time-consuming evidence gathering after the fact, thereby streamlining the process of mitigating or validating charges.

The outcome?

Trusted transactions between logistics partners. BlueCargo customers have saved over $175 million in per diem fees alone due to unfair terminal restrictions, while spending 53% less time and resources on invoicing and auditing tasks. With clear insights into the causes of delays and unforeseen fees, companies can foster transparent discussions with logistics partners to address inefficiencies. Companies gain the freedom to focus on the core objective — moving shipments with optimal efficiency.

Key Benefits:

- Detailed container and terminal data, including appointment availability and evidence from 63 terminals in North America and over 1000 drayage providers

- In-depth insight into supply chain operations, pinpointing inefficiencies and their cost implications

- Reduce unreasonable accessorial fees by up to 65% through efficient invoice validation

Want to Learn More?

Join us at TPM to see how BlueCargo can up-level your supply chain. Experience firsthand our innovative approach to mitigating inefficiencies and enhancing your bottom line. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a sneak peek at our new release!

Colin Colbourn
Product Lead


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