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This Cargoccino is brimming with logistics news! We dive into the stalled contract talks between dockworkers and shipping companies on the East Coast. Then, we celebrate the winners of the prestigious "Shipper of Choice" awards. We also explore how CFOs are becoming the unsung heroes of navigating today's supply chain disruptions. Plus, get a sneak peek at BlueCargo's upcoming events and industry insights!

⚓ ILA Contract Talks Stalled on the East Coast

Longshoremen, East Coast

Negotiations for a new contract between dockworkers and shipping companies have been suspended. The International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) accuses Maersk and its subsidiary APM Terminals of violating their current agreement by implementing automated gate systems that reduce the need for dockworkers. The ILA demands clarification on these projects before resuming talks on a new six-year contract. The union also raised concerns about other automation efforts that could lead to job losses.

Source: JOC

Samsung Sues for Millions 📲

Samsung is suing a shipping line, HMM, for allegedly imposing nearly 96,000 erroneous detention and demurrage (D&D) charges. Samsung claims HMM failed to deliver containers promptly and then charged them fees for the delays. This is the largest complaint ever filed with the FMC regarding D&D charges.

Source: The Loadstar

Port Volumes Barometer for US Trade Trends 📊

Ports, Supply Chain Dive

The number of shipping containers handled by major US ports offers clues about the economy's health. This article explores how tracking cargo volume at key ports can reveal long-term trade trends. After a surge in 2021-2022, container volumes returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

The question remains: what will 2024 bring?

Source: SupplyChain Dive

🏅Top Shippers for Partnership and Efficiency awarded by FW

FreightWaves recognized 25 companies with their prestigious "Shipper of Choice" awards. These manufacturers and retailers impressed with their commitment to collaboration with carriers. Award winners excelled at reducing driver wait times, streamlining facility access, and implementing innovative supply chain solutions. The goal is to inspire more shippers to prioritize efficiency and driver well-being, creating a smoother transportation system.

Among the winners: Agri-Mark, General Mills, The Kroger Co., Albertsons, Niagara Bottling, Aldi, Target Corp. MORE HERE

Supply Chain Disruption Now the "New Norm” 🆕

Global trade expert Marissa Adams says supply chain disruptions are the "new normal."  Forget a quick fix - companies need to build resilient supply chains and support their suppliers through inflation.

This "new era" demands a focus on long-term solutions, not temporary fixes.

Source: Yahoo Finance


CFOs: The Unsung Heroes of Calming Supply Chain Chaos

CFOs are stepping up as supply chain disruptions become the norm. They hold the key to navigating this uncertainty by quantifying its financial impact and selecting the right software solutions. Here's why:

By taking a strategic approach, CFOs can be the calming force in the storm of supply chain chaos.

Source: SupplyChain Brain

☕ What is Brewing at BlueCargo? ☕

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