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SSA Marine Expands Reach with Ceres Acquisition 🚢✨

SSA Marine (Terminals), is expanding by purchasing Ceres Terminal, a company that provides services for loading and unloading cargo ships. They want to take advantage of the increasing number of shipping containers being sent to ports on the East and Gulf Coasts instead of the West Coast. The deal will help SSA Marine's subsidiary reach more customers by offering services in more locations. Ceres Terminal handles about 10 million shipping containers each year and has a big presence at the Port of Houston. The purchase still needs to be approved by regulators.

Source: JOC


Kodiak and Loadsmith Team Up for Autonomous Adventures! 🚚🤖

Buckle up for a groundbreaking partnership between Kodiak Robotics and Loadsmith! They're joining forces to equip 800 trucks with self-driving tech, bringing us one step closer to a future of autonomous logistics. Loadsmith's smart plan involves using these cool vehicles for long-haul routes, while local drivers take over for the final leg of the journey. Get ready for a freight revolution, as Loadsmith builds a cutting-edge network using the self-driving Kodiak trucks. It's a match made in transportation heaven, and we can't wait to see where this thrilling adventure takes us! 🌟🚛💨

Source: Transport Dive


Railroads Fight: Challenging California's Unfair Locomotive Rule! 🛤️🔥

🚂 All aboard the lawsuit express! Railroads are taking on California's rule that would force them to replace their locomotives with zero-emissions models. They argue that the rule is unreasonable and based on flawed assumptions while highlighting their commitment to sustainability and ongoing efforts to develop clean technologies. Short-line railroads are particularly concerned about going bankrupt, and shippers fear rising costs and a shift to less safe truck transportation. It's a showdown between the rails and CARB! 🤝🔌

Source: AJOT


Port of Oakland Dives into the Earth's Core for Geothermal Power 🔥🌍

Get ready for some Earth-powered excitement! The Port of Oakland is shaking things up with its latest energy move: geothermal power! 🌋💡By tapping into the heat of the earth's core, this renewable energy source will supply 10% of the port's power needs, keeping things green and clean. 🔋🌿 Say goodbye to fossil fuels and hello to a sustainable future! 🌟✨

Source: Container News


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