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Tianjin Five continents terminal

As we approach February, the ocean freight industry braces for significant shifts with the onset of the Lunar Chinese New Year and impending contract negotiations. These crucial events mark pivotal moments shaping the dynamics of the ocean freight market.

Ocean Rates Surge Amidst Conflicts and Diversions

Ocean rates have recently experienced a dramatic surge across ex-Asia lanes, largely attributed to ongoing conflicts and diversions impacting trade routes. Carriers have swiftly responded to these challenges by implementing increased rates, with a keen focus on surpassing the $6,000 per forty-foot equivalent unit (FEU) mark.

The escalation in rates is evident across key routes:

Strategic Rate Maintenance and Future Outlook

In the face of market fluctuations, carriers are strategically maintaining rates above 2019 levels. This approach reflects a proactive stance as they anticipate potential rebounds post the Lunar New Year festivities in February.

Understanding Hidden Costs of Freight

As businesses navigate these market shifts, it becomes imperative to consider the hidden costs associated with freight. Alexandra Griffon's exploration of "Validating Operational Charges (VOC) in the Global Supply Chain" sheds light on this crucial aspect at Manifest.

BlueCargo: Your Partner in a Season of Change

BlueCargo's innovative tools cater to diverse departments, ensuring seamless coordination and enhanced efficiency:

As companies gear up for the Chinese New Year, BlueCargo stands ready to support and empower teams across all departments. By leveraging BlueCargo's suite of tools and expertise, businesses can navigate through the challenges of the ocean freight market with confidence and efficiency.

Embrace the spirit of innovation and transformation this Chinese New Year with BlueCargo by your side.