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OSRA’s New D&D Billing Requirements Go into Effect Today - May 28, 2024

Time's Up!

OSRA lists the minimum information that common carriers must include in a demurrage or detention invoice:

Failure to include the required information on a demurrage or detention invoice eliminates any obligation of the billed party to pay the applicable charge.

Ask for more documentation here.

Peak Season Shifts Westward ☀️

This year's peak season is expected to be a doozy on the West Coast, with a significant surge in cargo volume arriving earlier than usual. What do you need to know for the coming congestion and avoid costly delays?

Here’s an overview of the CNBC Supply Chain Survey*:

Unlike the past two years, a whopping 67% of survey participants expect their peak orders to arrive between May and August, with a concentration in July.

Peak season is shifting: Unlike the past two years, a whopping 67% of survey participants expect their peak orders to arrive between May and August, with a concentration in July.

West Coast congestion: US Customs and Border Officers are already reporting a 40% rise in cargo volume at LA/Long Beach ports.

Rail to the rescue: With East Coast ports congested, expect to see a rise in rail shipments. This is a budget-friendly option, but be prepared for longer transit times.

Planning is key: Shippers who are prepared will win the day. Now is the time to solidify your logistics plans and have backups in place.

Avoid detention & demurrage fees! The congestion will likely lead to a spike in these fees. By implementing proactive strategies, you can streamline your operations and avoid these costly charges. By planning ahead and investing in tech that unlocks freight auditing and monitoring, shippers can set themselves up for success during a weaker holiday season (Q4 & Q1)

*Participants from the National Retail Federation, American Apparel and Footwear Association, United National Consumer Suppliers, C.H. Robinson, OL USA, ITS Logistics, Kuehne+Nagel, DHL, and Uber Freight, a subsidiary of Uber Technologies Inc., took part in CNBC’s survey between April 16 and May 3.

🚀 Rates Skyrocket as Container Crunch Bites

Yikes! Ocean freight rates are soaring again due to a lack of containers.

Source: CNBC State of Freight, Lori Ann LaRocco

Bumpy Air Cargo Ride: Asia Pacific Rebounds, But Turbulence Remains ✈️

Air cargo is experiencing some ups and downs, especially in Asia Pacific. Here's the lowdown:

Source: World ACD ac-admin Homepage

Asia: Shippers Scramble for Scarce Containers 📦

Some carriers are trying to fight back by ordering new containers, but it will take time to ease the squeeze.

Source: JOC

Catch a Container, 1930s Style

General Box Company

Chicago Shipping Overseas Containers
Vintage Print Ad 1930

☕ What is brewing at BlueCargo? ☕

The Home Furnishings Association (HFA) and BlueCargo are partnering up to empower retailers for the OSRA’s new D&D billing requirements.

Stay tuned for more details.


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