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Cargoccino 7.9.24

Tour de Supply Chain Headlines July 9, 2024

Container Shipping Landscape Shifts as MSC Takes the Lead


Container ship capacity hits a record 30 million TEU globally. MSC surges ahead of competitors, grabbing a 20% market share thanks to its growing fleet. Analysts expect more orders and alliance reshuffles as the industry adjusts to this new landscape.

Source: The Maritime Executive

Shipper Wins Reversed in D&D Fee Case

A US appeals court overturned a Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) ruling on detention and demurrage (D&D) fees in a case between Evergreen and shipper TCW. The court found the FMC's reasoning illogical, particularly regarding fees applied during port closures. This could significantly impact ongoing debates over D&D fees.

Previously, the FMC ruled in favor of TCW who contested $510 in D&D fees for a late container return. The delay stemmed from a closed Yamaha warehouse due to COVID and subsequent closure of the Port of Savannah.

The appeals court criticized the FMC for failing to consider these factors and provide a clear explanation for the fees. They sided with Evergreen, highlighting the importance of clear and predictable regulations.

This case reignites the conversation on fair D&D fee assessment, especially during disruptions like port closures. While the ruling is specific, it could spark broader discussions within the shipping industry.

Source: The Maritime Executive

Beryl Barrels Toward Texas Coast

Tropical storm Beryl is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before hitting Texas coast around Matagorda Bay. Residents are urged to evacuate due to potential power outages, flooding, and heavy rain. While the impact at the Port isn't explicitly mentioned, coastal areas under hurricane warnings include locations south of Corpus Christi, a major port city.

Source: AP News

Canada Steps In: West Coast Ports Dodge Bullet on Strike

Port of Vancouver

A potential strike by BC ship and dock foremen has been averted after the Canada Industrial Relations Board ruled the action violated labor code. Negotiations continue with a hearing on automation plans for Center terminal scheduled for August.

Source: AJOT

Shipping Delays and High Costs Could Last Until 2025

Shipping delays and high costs are likely sticking around until next year. Disruptions in the Red Sea and busy ports are squeezing capacity, while businesses rush orders fearing tariffs and strikes. Expect prices to stay high, maybe even hit $10,000 per container, but things could improve if those worries ease.

Source: Bloomberg

Tour de Sports Headlines

⚽ The semifinals for the Euros and Copa América take place on this Tuesday and Wednesday.

🎾 Wimbledon wraps up this weekend with the ladies’ singles final on Saturday and the men’s final on Sunday.

🚴 Eritrean sprinter Biniam Girmay won Stage 8 of the Tour de France 2024 on Saturday at a finish line in the village where former French president Charles de Gaulle lived and is buried.


HYDRATE, hydrate, hydrate: The Foods That Keep You Hydrated - NY Times

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What is Brewing at BlueCargo?

Labor Day Weekend Bike Ride! 🏍️

Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts! BlueCargo and Toyota Material Handling Solutions are revving up to announce the 1st Logistics Labor Day Ride on Sunday, September 1st. This scenic adventure is a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow riders in the industry and explore Long Beach's beauty, all for a great cause.

Kickstand Up: Shoreline Village in Long Beach at 10:00 am (gather at 9:00 am at the Yacht Club)

The Ride: A scenic cruise up to the Korean Bell of Friendship and back to downtown Long Beach

Destination Delicious: Lunch together at a downtown Long Beach restaurant (location TBA)

This charity ride is open to riders of all experience levels. We especially welcome members of the HTA and LATC! For all the details and registration information, reach out to Aurelie at BlueCargo or Javier Vera at Toyota Material Handling Solutions.

Find Javier on LinkedIn HERE.

Aurelie (Aura) and Javier will be live next Friday July 19th on LinkedIn with Timothee Dooner - "What The Truck?" - to give you more details!
Plug in!


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