Empty container returns made simple

Where can I return my container?

Our platform delivers lightning fast real-time data for Long Beach / Los Angeles terminals - empowering dispatch teams to plan empty returns fast.

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Make Empty Return Your Competitive Advantage

Real time visibility

  • BlueCargo is a real time single platform to track container empty return information.
  • Information (displayed) from multiple sources with different tables, acronyms and layouts are standardized.
  • Operations teams’ gain clarity and transparency.
  • Information sharing allows shippers to (finally) understand the "grey hole" around drayage operations, appointments, pick up and return dates.

Boost Productivity

  • Reduce the amount of manual tasks undermining operational team productivity.
  • Digitalization replaces email, phone communication and tracking processes.
  • Live updates and notifications of terminal changes, enables the use of dynamic planning.
  • Dispatchers and equipment control can focus on operations and high value work such as maximizing dual transactions instead of administrative tasks.

Reduce Costs

  • BlueCargo helps plan for empty return fees to avoid the unexpected and reduce unnecessary expenditure.
  • Visibility and planning help protect customer relationships and set a new standard for customer communication.
  • Trucks can be re-dispatched when planning changes, to not incur additional charges.
  • Information asymmetry is bridged with archived data - request additional detention free days and contest per diem via historical data.

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“Efficient empty container termination has become a major operational focus area, given the changing landscape at the LA/Long Beach Port complex. Pacifica’s integration with Blue Cargo’s products has improved service for our customers and increased our productivity by optimizing dual transactions”

Kurt C. Pruitt - Vice President


“BlueCargo is a game changer for our drayage business.
It has improved our daily dispatch operations via better scheduling, providing us real-time information at our fingertips. Ultimately it has allowed us to provide detailed information to our customers to alleviate costs on their behalf.”

Mark Darling - Vice President

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