Move your containers on time at the Port, with no late fees.

We connect drayage trucking companies, logistics providers and shippers to pick up and drop-off cargo on time and decrease demurrage and per diem fees.

Connected to all US ports and terminals | Trusted by 10,000s of Supply Chain professionals | Largest drayage network in the USA

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Shed light on the port terminals blackbox

BlueCargo provides automated container level tracking on dwelling containers to replace manual excel reporting from multiple scattered websites and enable proactive decision-making.

BlueCargo centralized container management and per diem dispute tool will give you a complete understanding of your D&D fees and supporting documentation to contest invoices.

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Pick ups and empty returns, made simple

Save time to your dispatch teams and secure first available appointments for pickup and empty returns. Receive automated alerts for appointment releases and availability.

If you cannot find a return time in BlueCargo centralized empty return schedule, stop-the-clock to start building your per diem documentation and request more days!

Made for supply chain professionals

Thanks to BlueCargo’s audit trail and documentation process, we managed to cancel for us and for our customers a total of five million, two hundred thousand dollars in unreasonable detention and demurrage charges in LA/LB and NY/NJ Ports in 2022 alone.

Vincent Fasso - President
Forrest Logistics

BlueCargo has become a crucial part of our everyday operation. Its innovative features have been proven successful with fighting per diem, saving money, and tracking containers.

Oscar Orzuna - Transportation Operations Coordinator
Living Spaces

BlueCargo is a game changer for our drayage business. It has improved our daily dispatch operations via better scheduling, providing us real-time information at our fingertips. Ultimately it has allowed us to provide detailed information to our customers to alleviate costs on their behalf.

Mark Darling - Senior Vice President, Transload
STG Logistics

An easy and centralized solution to:

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Streamline your operations with a centralized view of vessel and gate schedules, plus availability and restriction details for empty appointments.

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Track shipments

Follow your container status in real time from arrival to return. Quickly review containers that require attention to get unstuck and improve your drayage team's efficiency.

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Monitor D&D fees

Streamline your operations and understand the true cost of drayage: BlueCargo is the only platform that can help you real-time monitor and forecast your accrued expenses on accessorial fees: demurrage, detention, and per diem across all of North America’s busiest container ports

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Get D&D proofs

Proactively stop the clock on disputable late fees and capture data on late fees to retroactively audit container lifecycle and identify root causes of latency. Access supporting documentation to contest invoices.

Unique and real-time data

BlueCargo provides real time terminal data for your containers


View real-time information about pickup availability, holds, and closed-areas for all of your imports in one place.


View real-time information about empty return locations, restrictions, and appointment availability.


Monitor your current demurrage fees and containers at risk of demurrage. Identify the root cause of demurrage: yard closed area, hold release or fee payment.

Per Diem

Monitor your per diem fees and get proof to dispute. Track gated out containers near or accruing per diem charges and download the documentation to waive unreasonable charges.

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