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"Thanks to BlueCargo, we were able to audit all our fees & recover $1.6m."
Jordan Glastein, Senior Manager, Ocean Logistics and Strategy, GE Appliances

Intelligent freight audit for port supply chains

Trust the market leading solution for detention and demurrage mitigation to control your international supply chain costs.

Improve operational efficiency, automate invoice auditing, and unlock profit trapped in your supply chain.

67 ports

And terminals in the US


Container events tracked


Shipping lines

Made for:

Finance teams

Drayage carriers operations

Logistics providers



GE Appliances saved $1.6M in detention and demurrage. What about you?

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Get and share visibility on your shipments with your supply chain partners

Shippers and BCOs

Shed light on the port terminal black box. Rely on precise container milestones to reduce manual scattered communication, streamline inventory planning and forecast accessorial costs and accruals. Audit and dispute illicit demurrage and per diem bills and bring your overall transportation cost per container down.

Drayage Carriers

Join the largest network of drayage trucking companies on one platform to pick up and return containers on time at the port, schedule first available port appointments from one system, and save your dispatchers, equipment control and customer service representatives 2+ hours a day. Stay competitive in a slow market by saving money on accessorial costs to your customers.

Logistics providers

Manage your shipments precisely with unique in-terminal milestones. Act fast and prevent any bottleneck affecting on-time pick up and return of your containers. Increase profit margin by recouping detention and demurrage fees and offer a best in class customer service experience through digital tools and visibility.

End-to-end solutions

Schedule your operations,

track your shipments,

audit your invoices.

Pro-actively mitigate demurrage and per diem fees with real-time Stop-the-Clock™, scheduling and tracking.

Retro-actively retrieve back-up documentation for auditing your invoices through BlueCargo Time Machine™.

Manage and control your nationwide supply chain across:


shipping lines


US terminals


Schedule your operations with real-time and accurate vessel, terminal, gate and empty appointment schedules and Stop-the-Clock™.

Shed light on the port terminal black box by connecting hundreds of different data sources and systems into a single source of truth.

2+ hours

saved every day for each of your logistics associates

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Track shipments and maintain a system of record in all US ports.

Get real-time container status updates across 98% of US shipments, audit container activity throughout it's lifecycle and analyze responsibility for container movements, including holds, demurrage, pickup, return and per diem.

Millions saved

from supply chain cost reduction

-50% hours spent

on manual track and trace activities

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Invoice audit

Audit your invoices with our AI-powered automated invoice manager.

Audit your invoices against rates, dates and port & terminal restrictions. Manage your invoices and audit in one centralized tool.

end-to-end audit

for your invoices

BlueCargo has become a crucial part of our everyday operation. Its innovative features have been proven successful with fighting per diem, saving money, and tracking containers.

Oscar Orzuna - Transportation Operations Coordinator - living spaces


Thanks to BlueCargo’s audit trail and documentation process, we managed to cancel for us and for our customers a total of five million, two hundred thousand dollars in unreasonable detention and demurrage charges in LA/LB and NY/NJ Ports in 2022 alone.

Vincent Fasso - President - forrest logistics


BlueCargo is a game changer for our drayage business. It has improved our daily dispatch operations via better scheduling, providing us real-time information at our fingertips. Ultimately it has allowed us to provide detailed information to our customers to alleviate costs on their behalf.

Mark Darling - Senior Vice President, Transload - STG Logistics


Learn how JCT saved $8 million of per diem fees with BlueCargo Per Diem Audit AI™

Data accuracy



BlueCargo tracks global ocean shipments across all major steamship lines. We also provide terminal tracking for US imports across 49 ocean terminals.



BlueCargo captures all major container events that occur during a shipment’s lifecycle, both from the steamship line side and the terminal side.