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In the logistics industry, visibility platforms have been a hot topic for quite some time. BlueCargo is one of the platforms, leading the way in this trend. While having visibility is undoubtedly a critical feature of any logistics platform, BlueCargo is about much more than just that.

Getting a Comprehensive View of Your Supply Chain

One of the most significant benefits of platforms like BlueCargo is their ability to aggregate data from various sources. By collecting data in one single place, BlueCargo can provide a comprehensive view of your containers at the Ports, which can lead to better decision-making. No more wasted time and poor decision-making with features like empty return locations, empty return instructions, and restrictions, in one single window; Or access all ports gates schedules at your fingertips.

Protect Your Operations from Detention Fees

BlueCargo's library of proofs is a vital feature that sets it apart from other platforms. By finding historical data and using the time machine, BlueCargo can bring accurate documentation to mitigate an unlawful detention fee. This allows carriers, logistics providers, and shippers to keep and save money. But why wait for detention fees to happen? Be proactive and avoid potential issues with features like BlueCargo Per Diem Archive or Stop The Clock.

Work Together, Better

BlueCargo's visibility platform is designed to foster collaboration between all stakeholders in the supply chain. By providing a single platform that everyone can use, BlueCargo can break down silos and improve communication between different parties. This can lead to more efficient operations, reduced costs, and better customer service. Ask our team how you can share your view on the containers you are tracking and start some collaboration with your customers and business partners that will leave you spellbound.

Unlock the Magic in Your Supply Chain with BlueCargo 🔮

With BlueCargo you can wave a magic wand and instantly have a complete view of your supply chain. And it goes beyond just visibility, providing magical features to improve your logistics.

Are you tired of grappling with disparate data and siloed communication in your supply chain? Wish you had a magic wand to transform your daily processes? Well, look no further than BlueCargo!

Unlock the magic of seamless collaboration, data aggregation, and a library of proofs to enhance your operations and save you time and money.

Ready to Unlock the Magic?

BlueCargo is a game-changer for your containers' management. Ready to unlock the magic? Sign up today and experience the magic of seamless collaboration, data aggregation, and a library of proofs to enhance your operations and save you time and money.